Monday, February 21, 2011

Dining Around NYC - Maraca's & Hunter's Steak & Ale House

We have eaten out entirely too much this past month. BUT we did have some great food and even better times going out.

First up was a brunch trip to NYC's Maraca's. It had been recommended by a friend (thanks Scott) and I had wanted to try it for a while. It's located at 33 Greenwich Ave in NYC.  KC & I met up with 2 old friends that I went to High School with for brunch 2 Sundays ago. it was great! They have a $10 all you can drink for an hour and a half and have decent choices to pick. I (along with my 2 friends) had Mimosa's and KC had frozen Strawberry Maragrita's. They never let the glasses get half empty (of half full, you pick). Seriously I have no idea how much I drank (A LOT) but I was feeling reaaaaly good afterwards.

The food was  good too! KC & I both had the Egg, Bacon, Cheese Quesadilla. It's described on Their Brunch Menu as: scrambled eggs, bacon, peppers, onion and cheese in a grilled flour tortilla. It came with these really buttery mashed sweet potatoes. Really tasty stuff. We sat for about 2 hours and drank all we could of that $10 deal! I def suggest checking this place out if you are looking for a good brunch deal in NYC!
The other place we checked out is a local restaurant called Hunter's Steak & Ale House. It's located at 9494 4th Ave in Brooklyn.  I picked it because it was walking distance from our house and we had a gift cert that we wanted to use for this spot. We went on Valentine's day. Turned out to be a really nice, affordable dinner.

I had a sprite (I wasn't really over the drinking at Maracas the day before LOL) and KC had a Guinness. The only snafu we ran into was that at first we were told we couldn't use the gift cert because of the holiday, even tho when i called i specifically stated it was through eventually the waitress came and told us we could use it.

We shared the Grilled Portobello Mushroom with Goat Cheese. It was more of a salad with the mushroom on top but it was YUMMY! The salad was dressed with a tasty vinegarette. 

Strangely we had no steak at the steak house, next time i suppose. I had the Salmon with Garlic Butter, Baked Potato & Spinach. KC had the  Double Stuffed Pork Chops Stuffed w/ Mozz, Mushrooms & Bacon, Galric Mashed & Spinach. Really good, hearty food. Their Dinner Menu!

I was hoping to make it to dessert but I was so stuffed after all that food! The whole meal, after the gift cert was added was about $40! Great deal, esp. for a TON of food.  

We have had great luck as of late on new places! I'm excited that KC has weekends off again so we can check out new brunch places! 

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