Wednesday, May 8, 2013


That about sums it up. I have procrastinated writing because I have pretty much procrastinated many things. More like a hiatus maybe. I just seem to have more off than on days as far as this journey to self discovery. I was on the point counting wagon for about a month and somehow I gave up on it. I can't really say why but it happened. Then a few days ago I took a look in the mirror and realized I needed to get back on track.

These days in just exhausted. I need to make some changes but I'm realizing they can only be baby steps and I can't beat myself up about them. So I am cutting out all junk food, ok as much as I can, as a first step. I'm trying to keep the soda intake to a minimum and am trying to finagle my schedule to include some walking and some working out.

Things have been very stressful and confusing and disheartening these past few months. A lot has gone on and is still going on that has really mentally derailed me. I'm working on that though. Details to come if I can keep up posting. Here's hopin'!

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Couple of Weeks In.

It's been a couple of weeks since my epiphany day. Things are going really well. My best friend and I decided to start weight watchers, unofficially. She did the official program a year or so ago and lost a ton of weight, so since funds are tight, we are doing it with an unofficial app on our phones which does the same thing. We are going to exercise together and hold our own monthly "meetings" for weigh ins. I know having someone to support me will make it much, much easier. This also means I need to buy a scale *shudder*

She jumped right back on the wagon, I am slower going.It took me a week of getting the bad foods out of the house and shopping some to get committed but I'm all in. I'm still calculating my points regardless of what I eat so I can see how it stacks up to what I should be eating. I am really excited about it and can't wait to see some results. The transition has been really easy so far and the app we have is very simple.

We went to a beach wedding a week ago, which was beautiful. Waking up right on the beach was sooooo nice. I even got to take Lily down to the Gulf of Mexico and put her feet in, she wasn't too thrilled LOL. She enjoyed the pool more, much like her Mama. It was a much needed little getaway.

On the horizon now is......

We are going to Disney! Not just a day trip, a whole weekend!!!! I'm SO excited! We are going for Star Wars weekend and its going to be Me, CHris & Lily and my best friend of 25 years, Laura and her husband, Michael! 

Truth be told we are going up for the day on Mother's day too but it's not a WHOLE weekend LOL.