Wednesday, May 8, 2013


That about sums it up. I have procrastinated writing because I have pretty much procrastinated many things. More like a hiatus maybe. I just seem to have more off than on days as far as this journey to self discovery. I was on the point counting wagon for about a month and somehow I gave up on it. I can't really say why but it happened. Then a few days ago I took a look in the mirror and realized I needed to get back on track.

These days in just exhausted. I need to make some changes but I'm realizing they can only be baby steps and I can't beat myself up about them. So I am cutting out all junk food, ok as much as I can, as a first step. I'm trying to keep the soda intake to a minimum and am trying to finagle my schedule to include some walking and some working out.

Things have been very stressful and confusing and disheartening these past few months. A lot has gone on and is still going on that has really mentally derailed me. I'm working on that though. Details to come if I can keep up posting. Here's hopin'!

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