Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dining Around NYC - Cipriani Dolci

I want to make this blog into a business, eventually, i'd love to bake for a living , feed people and watch them smile when they eat my goodies. But I also just love food. So When I do end up going out in NYC or Brooklyn (where we live) I will try and do a post on the meal. I don't plan it to be a review, just how we liked it and what we had. If i remember I'll take pictures too!

Our 6th Anniversary was Feb 4th 2011.

Of course we went out to dinner. I love an excuse to get all dressed up  so we did just that. We had trouble deciding on a spot though and ended up randomly going into a place and it worked out great.

My husband, KC , is a networking tech in NYC. His company does internet connections for tons of spots around town. They do the 'nets for a place called Cipriani. Cipriani has a mini version of their catering hall inside Grand Central Station. Subsequently we renewed our vows last year inside Grand Central, in the main room, on the steps directly across from what is known as Cipriani Doclci.

Here's a picture from the renewal, and to the left side you can see the restaurant, sorta, its under the left most of the three windows. Trust me, its there!

Anyway, walked right up and were seated, which was great because it was a Friday night.. It was a really beautiful place to eat, and got us all sentimental.

Lucky for us it was also Restaurant Week (which turned into Restaurant Month) in NYC, so a 3 course meal was $35! Great deal, especially in Midtown Manhattan.

I found the menu HERE. We ate off the dinner menu.

For drinks I had a Bellini & KC had a Guinness. There was a great bread basket brought to us, with nice crusty bread and bread sticks, a nice variety.

For our 3 course we chose:

First Course: We both chose -The Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Salad

Main Course: Kat - Lobster Risotto
                      KC - The Filet

Dessert: Kat - Chocolate Cake
              KC - Vanilla Meringue Cake

The dessert also came with some little cookies as well, chocolate, vanilla & lemon meringue.

This was a great meal!!!! We both loved all of our food. No pictures of the food, we were too busy eating and enjoying the wonderful view to remember. We did get our waiter to snap one picture  of  us after dinner tho!

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