Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Fur Babies.

I haven't been much on the baking, or the cooking front, for that matter. I have been mostly just throwing food on my foreman griller and (Gasp!) buying desserts out! In my defense there is a really good cupcake/bakery nearby. The reason for this is that about 3 weeks ago we adopted 2 of the sweetest kittens ever!

We went out for the night to a comedy show thrown by a friend and were wandering the neighborhood because we were early. We came across a strictly cat clinic with a window to the caged cats they had. Most of them were boarded overnight or whatever, but there was one cage that said "Adopt Me" and it had 2 little kittens in it! KC & I have been talking about getting new pets eventually and that we wanted them to be 2 kittens that grew up together, preferably related. Well these little furrballs answered every wish we had. Turns out they were twins, and 3 months old. We were there when the place was closing so we couldn't play with them or anything, but they told us to come back in the morning if we wanted them.

We were back there before they opened.

In about 15 minutes we had our 2 new babies and were headed home!

Naming them was hardest. We were told they were both boys so we tried to find famous brothers names, but nothing stuck. Eventually we decided on Moss & Miso.

Moss is for a character in a british sitcom called IT Crowd and Miso is after a character in the video game Katamary Damacy.


They already have gotten big. They are sweet and fun. An awesome mix of mushy and playful. They went for their first check up this past Tuesday and we found out some crazy news.....

They are both girls!!!!! 

Luckily their names aren't too gender specific so we are keeping them, esp. since we got to really like the  names and they fit them both. So "The Boys" became "The Girls". 

They are time consuming because I could pet them all day long! But I promise to get my cooking and/or blogging back on ASAP! 

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