Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Blah Blah Blah and Goings On...

It's been a blah few weeks, nothing exciting going on, not too much baking or creative cooking. I was def in a rut for a while but we have come up with a couple of good ideas for April's menus so food things are looking up.

I was forced into doing spring cleaning. Forced? Yep. We had bed bugs...for those who don't know what they are- be thankful- they are nasty. They were apparently in the wall nearest our bed and when we couldn't figure out WTH KC was allergic to (he had a rash on his arms because he sleeps with them under his pillow), we found them...pouring out of the outlet when we pulled the plugs out. Needless to say, even tho we are bug free now, that outlet is taped up and will never be used again for sheer grossness. We had 3 exterminators come in and a ton of stuff to do , to get rid of them. EVERYTHING cloth you own needs to be washed and plastic bagged before they will even come spray. Our realty company, as is the case in too many in NY, was less than helpful and we had to harass them into sending us exterminators. When I informed them that the neighbors in the building who share a wall with us need to be informed (as per the exterminators) they didn't comply, just told us lie after lie. So i took matters in my own hands and left notes for my neighbors. I got a great phone call the next morning, but the neighbors knew! If it was me I would have waned to know. I can deal with the cheap companies, crappy living conditions but lies- nope!  So we spent over 8 hours doing laundry, bagging up our belongings and then rearranging EVERYTHING to be sprayed down. Then you are exiled from the house for about 4 hours....then they do it all again 2 weeks later. We lived out of plastic bags for 3 weeks. The day we were supposed to have them come we both came down with a stomach virus. 3 weeks of plastic bag living practically drove me crazy.

But we haven't seen a single bug, and believe me i check ...often. No more rash for KC, and we are sleeping better to boot. BTW we also bought a whole new bed and threw away a ton of stuff, just in case! So it took close to a week to really get everything reorganized. We went through everything we owned. We did end up getting rid of a bunch of stuff, deciding on some stuff to sell and have a large bag of clothes to donate. Now i have to find a place that does donation pick ups, but thats another story.

Since I have all kinds of back problems (herniated disk and sciatica) it took forever to do it all and then making dinner  didn't seem like a priority. So we ate a lot of eggs and sandwiches over the past week or so, even tho thats not what was on the menu plans.

This weekend we are headed to Boston for PAX East. I m kinda excited, mostly to get away. I just want a break from life and thats the answer, a quick getaway fr the long weekend. KC & I are going with our BFF Andy and it should be a great time. Now I need to pack , because that would probably help.

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