Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dinner Impossible.

I feel like I am stumped in dinner making. I make good food but I keep feeling like we eat the same stuff over and over. There are a few meals that thats ok for, but I want variety. I can't seem to find anything that interests me in the magazines I have saved, and am not seeing anything great on my cooking show watching either. I dunno.

Tonight we are having veal, for the first time. It's different I know, but I didn't prepare it any differently than most things. I put it in the crock pot with Apricot Preserves and let it cook, then shredded it. It tasted yummy (we had to try some on the way to the Tupperware) but it's not getting my creative cooking juices flowing.

I get countless newsletters everyday with recipes in them, yet I still feel lost for ideas. We bought a bunch of stuff for the whole month and I have yet to organize it into our monthly menu plan. I have the papers all printed out and ready to go, but ideas are just not coming to me.

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