Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When Virus' Attack

SO much for the menu planning....a weird stomach virus decided to put a damper on those plans. Last Wed I got insanely sick and spent all day in and out of the bathroom (Ew I know). It was really bad for me because I HATE to throw up and now, as far as I am concerned, have filled that quota for the next several years.

Then 2 days later, KC got it too. He ate the rest of a sandwich I couldn't eat and we think thats how it got to him. So this went on for days...5 as a matter of fact. I didn't eat anything other than toast or a bagel for several days, living mostly on gatorade. It was ugly.


One good thing came out of the whole mess. I think I finally have a handle on something that I felt was a big obstacle for us, portion control. We tended to eat too much and too few times a day. My tummy still does not want a lot of food so a small portion a few times a day is much more comfortable than eating 2 big meals a day. I am just hoping we can keep it up. We have had plans for making some changes, making better food choices and getting more active. The nice weather thats peeking into the world should also help.

Tonight I am making some roasted chicken and probably just a little rice, maybe a veggie if I can find something decent at the corner market later. I am looking forward to eating better and feeling better about eating.

I am also looking forward to the weekend, we are going to try rearranging the furniture and FINALLY we get to stop living out of garbage bags and put our closets back together, in perfect time to get the spring stuff out!

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