Monday, April 5, 2010

Lack of Cable

We recently decided to cut back on our cable TV services. We have only one option, time warner cable. We were paying about $120 a month and that does not include any movie channels. So in the interest of getting  ahead of our bills and saving some money we decided to ditch the upper channels. We have just the regular 2-11 channels and food TV.I know there are a few more channels but i sure as heck don't watch 'em! I keep food TV on nearly all day, if the TV is on. So what do I do about the other shows I watched? We download the next day. So much easier and no commercials to deal with.

I watched entirely too much television up until about 6 months ago. A lot of major life change happened and with it I decided TV was taking too much of my time. The internet too, but thats another whole post. I lived by my DVR box, I was watching hours of TV a day, now not so much.

So what am I watching still? it's probably a longer list than it even could be but I don't watch anything in real time and catch up on weekends when KC is around. I also watch a lot of stuff that we both like, so waiting for him to watch makes it better than wasting away hours alone in front of the tube.

Breaking Bad
Nurse Jackie
Real Housewives (i know, but I can't stop myself)
Flash Forward
Legend of the Seeker
Project Runway
How I Met Your Mother
Rachel ray (I record her everyday)
Desperate Housewives
Brothers & Sisters
One Tree Hill
Criminal Minds
Law & Order SVU
The Biggest Looser
So You Think You Can Dance
The Celebrity Apprecntice
South Park
True Blood
The Tudors

Thats not too bad actually. And a lot of these shows aren't on now anyway, I feel pretty good about this list now that I see it written out.

What do you watch?????

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