Monday, October 4, 2010

Megaman Cupcakes

It was a very close friend's birthday this past Sept 29th. He is one of those friends that goes out of his way to make you happy, and does all kinds of exceptional things for you. He always does these crazy extravagant things for hubby & me so I needed to try and at least do something unexpected and special for his birthday.

I haven't worked with fondant much since KC's Metal Gear Cake and it was time for me to work on my skills some more (lol). So Andy's favorite video game ever is Megaman so it was a natural thing for me to make these cupcakes out of. I have never made anything this tiny in fondant either, so it was a challenge for sure.

Lucky for me KC found a few great 8 bit pictures fr me to use as stencils. This is where I started....

 The blue one is Megaman and the red (I used only the head) is Protoman. We have no printer ink at the moment so KC hand traced the stencils for me on the pc screen (Thanks Hunny!) and i got to work coloring the fondant.

 The beginnings went well. it was weird to work with things so small but again- trying to challenge myself.
Here's some step by steps as I worked.

There are 3 rows because I was going to do a third Megaman head in a different position but these proved to be almost TOO challenging so I gave up at 2. The Protomen went much better than i expected. I was able to cut them all out with little problem. Then I got to the Megaman one. Yeesh. It literally took me about 3 hours the 1st day, then I put them away for a day and spent about 4 hours the next working on them.

Getting that white center right was the hardest some point in my trials I came up with the guy below who I renamed "MonkeyMan". 

Finally the day before Andy's birthday I worked on them again and finished them all up and got them to a place I lied them at. I cut out some circles for the other cupcakes in matching fondant colors and then I actually had to bake said cupcakes they were going on. 

I made another version of the Cookie Dough Cupcakes from last month...with peanut butter cookies inside instead of chocolate chip. Andy loves peanut butter so I had to make the switch. 

They turned out really well. The only addition to my recipe i would make is pushing the cookie down further in the cupcake so it's more centered, but they came out just great otherwise.

I frosted them with homemade vanilla buttercream frosting and got a little sparkly with some of the circles and then positioned them in a way I liked, ready to be put into a container and taken to the birthday bash.

I will always want to make them more perfect, it's in my nature, but I was really happy with them. They transported great and I got out the god old video camera when we did the reveal....

He loved them! All the hard work was def worth it.....when you get this reaction from something you baked for someone you love- you can't beat it.....

Happy Birthday Andy, we love you lots!

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