Saturday, July 4, 2009

Work Second.

I started work at World of Disney this past Tuesday. I worked 3 mornings in a row. It's been about 5 years since I went to work that many days in a row. It was tough but in the end I was a lot better of phyically that I ever thought I'd be. Everyone there is perfectly nice. I work in what the call "heart of house" or in other words- the stock room. I unpack the boxes and organize the stuff that comes in- in a nutshell. It's easy enough. A bit more physical than i ever intended but so far I am ok.

I am wrestling with whether to explain about my back and how to do that. I am pretty sure I need to tell them because there are a few aspects of the job I can not do. The only reason I am not "On Stage" or in sales in the main store, id because the person whose name I put down as a referral works that position and they consider it a conflict of interest for me to be doing the same job. As I am glad to be working for Disney (obviously) I am a bit taken aback by just how NON Disney HoH (Heart of House) is. I have yet to find any Disney enthusiasts like myself and I have worked with probably over 20 people already this week. Secretly I am gushing at everything and have no one to express it to while I am there. It just seems odd.

I did, as you can see above, get my cast member badge the first day! I was so excited I ran home and took pics of it and made it my icon on the DIS Boards ( dot com)! At least there I can be a true Disney Dork and they understand. This Tuesday I take my "Traditions" class, which is a history of the company and Walt himself. Everyone tells me its fun and theres trivia and prizes and it's an all around good time. I am excited to do this, being the dork that I am. I am almost honored that I get to take this class that all the Cast Members in Florida have to take before working there. I figure I will be in a room full of people who don't give a fuck, and that makes me a bit sad. Although winning prizes for my ridiculous amount of Disney knowledge could be good. LOL.

I work 3 days next week not including the day for Traditions. I should be bringing about $100, give or take, home a week. That will def help us in getting some more money put aside for moving in march and just to have.

So here's to Disney and my Non-Disney caring co workers. OPA!

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