Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Employed, At last.

I work for Disney. I can’t get used to it. I am so excited about it it’s silly. Working there is going to kill my chances at disability but I honestly don’t care. I have needed to find work for a long time, for me, for KC , for us and for my sanity. I can’t spend forever waiting on disability when I keep getting denied. I need medical more than anything, that’s why I was seeking disability. I know working will be hard on me but I have to give it a real try.

Yesterday was my day for “new hire” paperwork. I was with my “class” of new hires. I was the oldest one. I was also the only married one. I was also the only vocal one in the bunch. I’m pretty sure I was the most excited to be there too.

The paperwork was meh. The typical stuff. We got all kinds of papers to read at home too. When they asked who has been to any Disney Park me and 2 other people raised their hands....there were 9 of us in the "class"!! So stupid me says "I have been there enough for all of you don't worry". I couldn’t get over it. All college age kids who just need a job, and me who was happier than a pig in shit to receive Disney folders. I digress. I’m sure not everyone in the store is that way, I hope.(no clue why the pic wont load straight?!)

Then we had to get our lovely "costumes" (note sarcasm). Polyester at its finest. Needless to say the pants run 4 sizes smaller than you actually wear so the size I need was astronomical and they have to order them for me from Florida. I was a tad embarrassed but at least they will fit. The shirts are stretchy mock neck spandex shirts. Not sexy. Clingy is a good word. The girls are showcased, not by choice. Plus a belt, which means tucking the stretchy shirt into the pleated pants. Great times. I’m glad I am going to be mainly “back stage”. Maybe I will be forced to lose weight so I don’t have to avoid mirrors while in my work clothes. Only for Disney I’ll wear this crap.

So I just have to wait until my paperwork is processed and then I can start. 10 days to 2 weeks, they said. Then I take “Traditions”. The kids I was with don’t get it. There is a separate sheet that explains dress code for it, they make a big deal of it. It’s 8 hours of Disney College basically. How to be a Disney employee. To me, this is almost an honor because only real park employees usually do this course. Since we are considered a part of Florida, we take it too. I’m excited. I absorb Disney like a sponge. I really just don’t want to be the biggest dork in the room. I probably will be. But if there is anything I know about, it’s Disney.

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  1. Kat I am so pleased for you, I know just how you feel as I felt it too when I got selected for the Mom's Panel. It's truly amazing and you will be such an asset to them!!!


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