Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Menu Planning 101

So we are only a 2 person household but we realized at some point that we spent WAY too much on random groceries that we weren't ever eating. We live in a studio apartment and that means limited space as far as stocking up a pantry was concerned. So we thought we'd menu plan. We started out doing every 2 weeks. We'd sit down, get ideas and plan 2 weeks worth of lunches and dinners. It saved us tons of cash! We were buying things we were actually using and we weren't wasting money or space in the house.

Then we decided we spent too much time shopping and would try out monthly menu planning. A bit crazy but it worked for us! We have been monthly planning for about 5 or 6 months now. We do one big shop a month and pick up produce from the places closer to the house in between. It's been a huge money saver.

I am also a huge advocate of the crock pot and cooking larger amounts than you need and saving them for lunches and leftover dinners. I swear by my crock pot!!!

Recently we joined a gym too, so I have been cooking the same amount of stuff but we have been eating more human portions and stretching the food that much more.  When the month is through we go through the plans and transfer the ones we didn't end up making (everyone gets lazy and does take out once in a while) and move them to the next months, because we already have everything to make it with!

So what did we have from last week.....

Monday - went shopping, ate cold cuts when we got home.

Tuesday -cold cut wraps with a pre-made side dish (broccoli mac & cheese)

Wednesday - Turkey Kielbasa with Sauerkraut & Rice

Thursday -   Greek Spiced Ribs and mashed potatoes

Friday - Leftover ribs & potatoes (there was plenty!)

Saturday - The plan was to make pork tacos of the rest of the rib meat...but KC brought home leftover catered food from work, who am I to not take a  non-cooking night !?

Sunday - If it rains it will be pork taco night (I even picked up fresh tomato and avocado to top it already) but if it's nice out then we will be doing our new tradition of dinner out on Sundays with a close friend.

It's a bit tedious to sit and plan, and to come up with new ideas but it's def worth it!!!

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