Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Real life gettin' in the way!

The lack of updates are killing me! I really wish I had the time to bake weekly like I had been doing, or at least bi-weekly but ,alas, real life gets in the way. I recently got hired at a discount department store a few blocks from home and it's a full time gig so time has been scarce for me. It also isn't helping that everyone I know, friends & family alike, all want my Pumpkin Bread and I have already blogged that! :)

I am hosting a 2nd meet up in NYC this coming Saturday for Disney Geeks like me and I am planning on making some frosted sugar cookies shaped like mickey heads. Planning on it, that is, if I can get my Thanksgiving cooking done first. Thankfully we are headed to a friends house and all I need to bring is the now infamous Pumpkin Bread and some candided yams.

So happy Turkey Day everyone- eat lots of goodies for me!!!

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