Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5th Anniversary Plans

We are celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary this week. We are having a few "parties" for it.

Thursday is the actual anniversary day and KC is taking me out to dinner somewhere he secretly picked. I am excited to get dressed up and have him surprise me. I have an idea of where he may have picked but I don't want to ruin the surprise if I am right. It's so sweet that he is going out of his way to surprise me. The planner in me is having to take a back seat and thats not easy but it's still exciting.

Friday afternoon we are meeting a bunch of random friends at a cupcake shop in NYC called Crumbs (http://www.crumbs.com/) and going to Bryant Park In NYC (http://www.bryantpark.org/) to hang out and eat the cupcakes. The park is across the street from the cupcake place. They have the yummiest cupcakes! And since the park is a free place to hang out, it works for anyone's budget! And if worse comes to worse we can all hide inside the library, which is right there as well.

And finally, Saturday we are having a vow renewal ceremony and brunch with a few close friends. It's going to be intimate with just about 15 of us, just those who have been there for us the most through the good and bad stuff. The ceremony itself is at: Wisteria Pergola in Central Park. It's gonna be cold but it's a place that has meaning to us, so it'll be short and sweet and very bundled up. We used to go there to hang out when we were first dating. It's beautiful in the spring but still has ambiance in the winter. We are hoping the cold will hold off some, so we don't freeze too badly. Having it in a place that has meaning beats out some restaurant or some other indoor place.

Then we are having brunch at Chez Jacqueline in Downtown NYC with those that were at the renewal ceremony. It's a cute little French place and we LOVE French food. Plus the menu general enough that everyone can find something they will like. The great prices don't hurt either!

So the rest of my week will be prepping for this long weekend of events...and next week's drama is another story all on it's own, for next time.

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