Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4 days since....

4 days since I lost my fur baby. I think it will never get less weird in the house. I keep thinking he will be around a corner when i get there, or jump on the bed next to me. Every time I hear any noises I think it's him. It's really hard. KC has been amazing, as he usually is in a crisis. He's been taking long walks with me all week long. It is nice to spend some time together like that, talking and wandering.

This beautiful weather isn't hurting anything either. I'm pretty sure we skipped Spring and went straight into Summer, but it's been really nice. The downside is our airless apartment keeps needing to be air conditioned, and that's gonna hurt when we get the con-ed bill. Oh well, I'd rather pay and be comfortable.

Must have coffee....

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